Maxine Newell


I’m am Freelance artist & illustrator based in Essex

I am fascinated by the hidden stories in all our lives. I love capturing within my drawing’s everyday life and things that have real significance to me.

Drawing has the ability to communicate the difficult and challenging whilst having enormous capacity for joy and silliness. All of my work is centred round making with meaning.

Much of my work is deeply personal and touches on subjects which are hard to talk about so it may seem strange that I want to share them in this very public way, but we all know just how healing and cathartic it can be to make things when having a tough time.

My work generates a tremendous sense of purpose, a form of expression, and helps me process a lot of things. I enjoy working on a multitude of projects exploring different media that aim to connect to viewer emotionally.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


Instagram here

Selected Clients: London Underground, Basildon Borough Council.