Artist Maxine Newell

I am a multi-media artist based in Basildon, Essex & Felixstowe, Suffolk. I studied at Essex University where I gained BA (Hons) in Fine Art. I work with several different mediums including, watercolour, pastels, charcoal, acrylic, oils and collage.

My passion is drawing – my sketchy, playful watercolour drawings and paintings are not made in hopes of perfecting an urban perspective, or depicting an immaculate façade. When I stop and draw from life, I notice more, I aim to capture something of how it was at that moment of that day – a lasting memory. I am especially interested in people in everyday life. I am drawn to certain people by the look on their faces, colours that they may be wearing, relationships, and body language. 

For me drawing and painting is a cathartic process that helps me deal with my overactive mind – it helps me make sense of my chaotic, complicated, intricate and unknowable life. I aim to simplify things by containing all that I observe in a drawing. It is harder than ever for us to find a space to calm and quiet our minds, to simply be – drawing the purest form of art is my meditation.

“I sometimes think there is nothing as delightful as drawing” (Vincent Van Gogh)

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