Recent Projects

I was successful in securing an artist residency at Basildon Borough Council within St Martins Square area as part of Basildon’s Art week.  The public artwork I had proposed was formed using fly tipped rubbish, in order to provoke debate and awareness for Basildon Borough Council’s new ‘We’re Cleaning-Up’ campaign. I collaborated with frontline staff who dropped off fly tipped rubbish every morning at 7.30am and collected at 1.30pm daily.

I worked on the installation outside the Council Offices throughout art week, documenting, photographing, filming and drawing the process. The artworks were a chaotic archive of everyday life, and the overwhelming reality of the cycle of production, consumption and the throwaway society. My work was reliant on the retrieval and re-presentation of existing objects and materials that came from fly tips. I had no idea until the day what objects I would have and how they would be arranged. There were many interesting debates with the residents of Basildon, as well as local councillors.   

Solo Exhibition at 142 Gallery, Felixstowe, Suffolk – Encouraging art in the community.