I unfortunately live in an area in Basildon where fly-tipping is a regular occurrence. I see all sorts of discarded objects, especially around the country lanes on the outskirts of Basildon. I see first-hand the stress and anxiety that it causes to local residents. Not to mention the devastating effect on wildlife.

As part of Basildon’s Art Week & Cleaning up campaign, I was commissioned to create a spontaneous public art installation using fly-tipped rubbish. I was located outside Basildon Borough Council offices. I selected thought provoking object, shapes, colours, textures working on a different installation daily with front line staff who delivered the objects to me. Part of the process was to create a visual diary of events using photography drawing and painting. The artwork provoked much public debate.

I was inspired by the Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi, and her installations are a chaotic archive of everyday life, and the overwhelming reality of the cycle of production and consumption. Takahashi’s work is reliant on the retrieval and re-presentation of existing objects.

A description of the project and the works presented.